Monday, June 22, 2015

Lions, Tigers and APPs OH MY!

Happy Monday, friends! As promised, I have been playing on my iPads and scoping out some apps that I want my kiddos to learn with in August, and I have found some REALLY good ones that I can't wait to share! For those of you that don't know, I work at a school that has an innovative schedule which allows me to specialize in reading and writing. The students at our school move through content band specialists in Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies/Science which means I teach one block of kindergarten, one block of 1st grade and one block of 2nd grade- sounds crazy, but it allows us to better personalize the learning that occurs and meet each child's individual needs as best as we can... kind of cool, huh? Anyways, that being said, my search has been geared towards ELA apps for students ages 5-8. Our school is also Title 1 with a heavy Spanish population - so the more I can expose these particular students to the English language, the better. And that's when I stumbled upon these apps that I love:

SO, these four apps are fabulous for kindergarteners and incoming 1st graders! No, they are not free, however you can purchase all four of them in a bundle for less than $5.00 at the iTunes App Store [22Learn is the program.] Each app has many activities within them including identifying letters, matching sounds, tracing letters, blending sounds, spelling CVC words, letter flashcards, letter puzzles, etc. which I love because students at all levels can feel confident in at least one of the activities these each of these apps have to offer. Check these apps out and let me know your thoughts/favorites! :) 

The Reading Palette

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